About Me

Brandi Robertson, MSPT

I am a physical therapist specializing in women’s health with an active compassion for the well being of women and the many roles we play in life. As a wife and mother, I know that keeping all of those roles balanced is key to our health, wellness, and happiness. I am grateful to my parents for promoting an awareness of wellness through healthy eating, being physically active, and taking time to enjoy the simple things in life.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Science from Alma College. This led me to attend Grand Valley State University where I earned a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. Although I began my studies in sports medicine, I quickly recognized the need for women’s physical therapists. I knew I found my niche during my first pelvic floor rehab class and continued my education in Women’s Health Physical Therapy.

Today I am one of West Michigan’s only physical therapists with a focus on women’s health. I am here to help women with women’s problems. My career provides great gratification, giving me the opportunity to meet so many women and provide them with evaluation, treatment, and tools to keep their bodies balanced at all stages of life.

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